Let VirKim Help Your Property Rodent-Free

Rats, mice, and other rodents can nest in your home. Once there, they can breed. After that, getting rid of them can be a real chore.

Even solitary mice can prove to be elusive. So whether you’re a homeowner or a professional, you need the right tools for the job.

VirKim has a large selection of rodent control products, and our team will work with you to find the one that best meets your needs.

We’ll work with you to understand your problem, and the severity of it, and then advise you about the products that can best help you get rid of the rodents running around your home.

If your home has mice, rats, or other rodents, contact us today. Let us help you find a solution that meets your unique needs.

Rodent Control Products Available at VirKim


Getting rodents to come out of hiding is part of every plan to get rid of them, and the baits available from VirKim will help get them into the open.

Bait Stations

Bait stations are one of the best, and most popular, ways of getting rid of smaller rodent infestations–and they can’t be opened by pets. Let VirKim help you find the right one.

Glue Boards

Glue traps can be a great way to bait and trap rats, mice, and other small rodents. They’re especially effective in a home without pets. We’ll help you find the one that’s best for you.

Snap Traps

Snap traps are the classic rodent traps that we picture in our heads. VirKim has a wide selection of snap traps that will get rid of rodents–and notify you that they’re gone, too.