Treat Disease & Fungus with VirKim’s Line of Professional Fungicides

Infected trees, shrubs, ornamentals, and laws are unsightly and hard to cure. We’ve seen more than one business or homeowner throw up their hands and quit.

In order to properly treat diseased plants you need to first diagnose them, and that can be difficult for people without professional experience with plant diseases and common fungi.

VirKim’s team has that experience, however. That experience has allowed us to help businesses and homeowners find what’s plaguing their plants–and the products that can get rid of fungi and disease.

If your plants or yard are struggling, contact Virkim Fertilizer & Chemicals today. Speak with a representative and let us help you diagnose and treat your problem.

Fungicides Available at VirKim


Contact fungicides are a preventative measure to help prevent fungus from infecting your plants and grass. They’re applied on the surface of the plant and eradicate any fungus that touches it.


Systemic fungicides are a way to treat plants that are already infected with a fungus. They penetrate into the plant and eradicate any fungus on and beneath the surface.


Single-site fungicides target a specific metabolic function of the fungus, making them great for targeting certain species and being selective.


A multi-site fungicide targets multiple metabolic functions of a fungus, which lowers the risk of the fungus developing resistance to the treatment.