Relationship-Focused Lawncare & Pest Control Supplies

VirKim Fertilizer & Chemical helps Hewitt, TX businesses and homeowners find turfgrass care and pest control solutions that work for them.

We believe in doing business the old-fashioned way, and since we were founded, we’ve encouraged our team to be relationship-focused–with customers, vendors, and all of the others that make VirKim possible.

We take pride in being able to help our customers find a solution that works for them, whether that’s helping them get the beautiful, lush greens that golfers love or just growing better tomatoes.

If you’re struggling with your yard, pests, or disease, contact us today to speak with a representative and learn how we can help you.

VirKim Values


VirKim believes in knowing our products and how to use them. When you buy from us, we’ll help you know what the product can and can’t do. We’ll also help you understand the most environmentally-friendly way to apply it.


We believe in old-fashioned customer service, and all of our team members are here to serve you. We learn about the issues you’re facing and then help you find the perfect product and perfect application to help solve them.


We strive to build partnerships with each of our clients. As we come to understand your unique situations, we’re able to offer more incisive and informed product selections to ensure you get the results you’re looking for.


Within our own team and amongst our clients, we prioritize collaboration. We firmly believe that, together, we can work to find the efficient and effective solutions for pest control and turfgrass care that our clients need.